Dooley's Wood Works - Building Tomorrow's Antiques
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free estimates?
   - Yes, I can provide free estimates if you bring your item(s) into the shop. There is a          fee for onsite estimates.

How much might a repair or refurbish cost?
   - The cost depends on what sort of time and materials might go into a project. I can
     give you a ball park figure when you call or email in. If you provide pictures with
     your inquiry that helps, too.
Can you tell me if something is worth the cost to repair or refurbish it?
   - Yes, I am honest with my customers about whether something is "worth" the time
     and cost to repair or refurbish an item. Bear in mind there is no price for
     sentimental value and if you want something worked on that might not be "worth" 
     it, I will work with you to keep the cost as low as I can.

Do you provide in-home estimates?
   - Yes I can.

How can custom-made furniture be the same price as store bought furniture? 
   - For our company we have lower overhead, no shipping cost, we don't have a large 
     store, we don't have sales people, and most of the materials we gather from our
     own property.
If I order something custom made, won't it take a long time to have it built?
   - Depending on our schedule and the size of the project we could have a piece or
     pieces to you within 2-8 weeks. We consult with you up front on what sort of time
     table we would be looking at.
If you build a custom piece, will you have the style I want?
   - If you have a picture, drawing, something you have seen in a store, or just an idea
     in your head of what you want we can make it.        
What types of payments do you accept? 
   - We accept cash, check, money order, Visa, or Mastercard

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