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Removing Sticky Residue from a Finished Surface
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Removing Sticky Residue from a Finished Surface

   I had a customer call and ask me about how to remove a sticky substance off a table top. She had tried several different products to remove the substance and nothing was working so she called me! I told her that the products she was using weren't working by themselves because she needed more than just a rag to clean it off. I suggested she get some fine-grade steel wool and using a lubricant gently work the substance off. She was nervous about scratching the surface and I explained to her that with a light coat of varnish that she could buy at a hardware store the light scratches should be covered right up.

Real Wood Furniture

     As you know from my site, part of what I do is repair furniture , If you are lucky enough to have an antique piece of furniture,hang on to it. Today's furniture is made out of sub-par materials. Oriented strand board (osb) and particle board were never meant to make furniture out of. Today's furniture looks great but don't count on it lasting 5 years, much less be someone's future antique. 
     Quality furniture does not have to be expensive.

Green Building

   There is a lot of talk about "green building" these days. Green building is an old idea. It wasn't that long ago that people did "green building" as a way of life .
   The pioneers built their cabins and homes using the materials that could be found close to where they chose to live. Many of these old cabins and barns can still be seen today.
   Most people can still build in a way that is just as green friendly as their fore-fathers. Buy what you can from a local sawmill , if you're a land owner you can use some of your own trees.

DIY Steam Bending?

   I had a customer ask me about a curved project today. Someone told her she could bend a piece of flooring with a little heat. It's not quite as easy as it sounds. Not all wood is able to go through the steam bending process. It's an easy misconception most people who have heard of the general concept of steam bending have.
   First, as I mentioned, only certain woods work well for steam bending such as oak or other wood with open, straight grain. Second, you need certain equipment in order to surround the wood with steam to "cook" it and then bend the piece of wood around a form.

Custom Furniture Season

It's snowing today, first storm of the season. We had a good day of saw milling on Mt. Rose outside of Reno, NV and we were heading out as the storm was moving in. Looks like custom furniture season, also known as winter, is on the way!


   Hi! Welcome to Dooley's Wood Works blog where we talk about everything related to wood working.
   If you have questions or comments on our site or anything related to wood working we welcome your post. We will be going over all things wood-related, from how to build a log cabin to finishing a custom piece of furniture or cabinet. Do you need to know how to trim a window or trim ideas for a door? Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for future posts!
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