Dooley's Wood Works - Building Tomorrow's Antiques
     For those who might be interested in the process of selecting wood, preparing the logs, and building a log cabin, here are pictures from a custom log cabin as we built it.     

     We start by using large, vertical logs flattened on two sides. Throughout the cabin the window and door frames, fireplace openings, and corners are a combination of notched logs and butt joints. Depending on the design, most people build cabins with either notched logs or butt joints. The way we build our cabins with a combination of the two is unique as this has four benefits: 1) there's virtually no settling around window and door frames; 2) you get large windowsills; 3) this design stops compression of horizontal logs; and 4) it looks great!

     We fill in the walls with logs that have been flattened on two sides and either notched in the corners or add a butt joint into the corner logs. The logs are left in their natural shape for a more unique and rustic looking log home.

     The logs are either hand peeled or wire brushed for a more natural look. The basic process is the same whether you want a simple kit cabin or a larger hand crafted cabin. We are here to answer any questions to help you decide what is right for you.
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